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Two passions, two hundred years apart

A mother coming to terms with her daughter.  A composer coming to terms with his genius.  And, even though they're separated by 200 years these two people share an obsession that might, even for a moment, make time stand still. Katherine Brandt, renowned American musicologist, is obsessed with one of classical music's great mysteries: Why did  Beethoven, at the height of his powers, neglect such masterpieces as the Ninth Symphony and the Mass to write 33 brilliant variations on a trivial waltz penned by his Viennese music publisher, Anton Diabelli?   Beethoven and Brandt have never met, were born in two countries and exist in different centuries. Yet, they have commonality in their obsessions: one needs to create music, the other needs to understand it.  The level of I must finish is overwhelming, as their all-consuming drives override everything.


Peter Kelly (Diabelli), Larry Schneider (Beethoven), Steve Schnapper (Shindler), Janice Fay Hanges (Gertie),
Diao Ueden (Mike), Meredith Tanowitz (Clara), Elizabeth Mialaret (Katherine), Donna Cialfi (Pianist)