''Nobody goes to the theater anymore,'' says Bradley, the well-off 75-year-old WASP father who presides over ''The Cocktail Hour.” As far as Bradley and his wife, Ann, are concerned, modern plays contain too much screaming and disrobing to lure them to Manhattan from their home in upstate New York. They can still remember the ‘old days’ when a quality play consisted of a sophisticated couple, a minor indiscretion, and a happy ending.  

    What Ann and Bradley fear is that their very own son, a full-time publisher and sometime dramatist named John, has written a brutal autobiographical diatribe. John's play, described as hitting ''pretty close to home,'' is called ''The Cocktail Hour,'' and he has traveled to his parents' house at cocktail hour to ask their permission to proceed with it.  Sparks fly!

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                       Ann:  Catherine Carter

                         Bradley:  Scott Griffith

                   John:  Greg McCormack

                          Nina:  Jennifer Weiss

Director:  Stewart Hanges



production photos

Set Design/Construction: Anthony Fabrizio
Lighting Design:  David Ullman
Set Dressing:  Joan Charischak