March 2010






By Eric Coble


Directed by Melinda O'Brien 


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Ringtones to wedding rings?  You’ll LOL.  


Do you IM more than “talk”?
Do your texting fees cost more than a night out?
Is your sweetie’s photo squeezed onto your Blackberry screen?  

In our ‘plugged in’ world, do a bride and groom really need to be in the same country for their wedding?  

Globe trotting jobs keep Karen and Max apart, but iphones and emails keep them connected. 

Overlapping calls, 3-party conferencing and texting create moments of sublime confusion. 

And trying to keep up with it all is Karen’s father, Wally, who can’t even figure out how to turn on his DVD player!  



“Hilariously funny, psychologically astute portraits hit home with rib-tickling acuity" - New York Times.

A Playwright to Watch” American Theatre Magazine 

“Genuinely funny" – Newsday 

“A tour de force" - The New Yorker




March 12, 13, 19, 20 - 8pm

March 13 - 2pm Matinee



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Wally Baedeker - Lou Morris
Karen Baedeker - Lorna Whittemore
Francine Dexter - Jennifer Weiss
Michael Dexter - Matt Regney
Stuart Tramontane - Steve Schnapper
Lizzie Monohan - Toni Fazio




Lou Morris in the center – seated
L-R:  Jennifer Weiss, Matt Regney, Lorna Whittmore, Steve Schnapper, Toni Fazio