8th Annual Free Summer Theater in the Parks Production

By Mary Lynn Dobson

Directed by Karina Ramsey

Have you ever heard of Robin Hood, the merry woodsman who takes from the rich, and gives to the poor?  Now he's back! In this funny and wild story, Robin's Sherwood Forest becomes the setting for an adventure that will have you rolling in your seat!

The Somewhat True Tale of Robin Hood will take you on a romp through Sherwood with that swaggering guy-in-green who always tries his best to do the right thing. In his never-ending quest to aid the needy, he encounters a not-so-usual damsel-in-distress, a scheming sheriff who has a knack for bowling and a bad-guy royalty "wannabe." While you're watching it, look for the "Town's Girl" to pop in as well!


Robin Hood Leon Cameron
Lady Marion Suzanne Davis
Prince John Richard Molyneaux
Sheriff of Nottingham Ed Herman
Town's Girl Kelly Baker
Lady in Waiting/Friar Tuck Carolin Schütze
Will Scarlet Carly Lichtenstein
Little John Melissa Carroll
Allan Adale Emmy Schwartz

(all performances begin at 7 PM)

July 6 Druss Park
July 7 Turnure Park
July 10 Gillie Park
July 11 Battle Whitney Park
July 13 Mattison Park
July 14 George Washington School

For directions to all the parks, please click here

This is a free performance, geared to families and children. The show (about one hour in length) involves music, sound, lights, costumes, scenery - everything we do in a theater, except that we perform under the sky, surrounded by trees! 
Come early and bring a picnic basket! 

Read our article in the White Plains Times: http://www.wptimes.com/neighborhoods.php?viewspecific=1&storyid=572

Pictures from the White Plains Times: http://www.wptimes.com/round_town.php?viewspecific=1&storyid=615


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Show Producer Joan Charichak got the group ready each night with the Robin Hood Theme Song The Town's Girl watches as the Merry Men play a game of cards
Lady Marian donates her Mother's ring to Robin, while the Sheriff of Nottingham looks in disgust Marion's Lady in Waiting tries to calm her
The Evil Prince John - Boo, Hiss! The Prince orders Robin Hood be locked in the Dungeon of Demise
The Merry Men arrive to free Robin from the Dungeon of Demise Lady Marion foils the Prince's plan by revealing that Robin is a better archer than the Sheriff
The Sheriff and Robin Hood (in disguise) compete for Marion's hand Robin Hood - The Best Archer in all the land!
Lady Marion and the Town's Girl devise a plan to rescue Robin Hood Robin Hood reads a proclaimation from King Richard

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