JULY 2005

by Judith Viorst

Directed by Kelly Baker


Alexander is having a bad day. A terrible day. A terrible, horrible day. To be quite honest, it's a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day. But then, everybody has bad days, sometimes.

Coming this July, Fort Hill Players is pleased to present its 7th Annual Free Summer Theater in the Parks production of Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day by Judith Viorst.

Poor Alexander; he woke up this morning with gum in his hair, his sweater in the sink and no toy in his cereal. Watch as his day goes from terrible to horrible, no good and very bad as his best friend dumps him, his dentist finds cavities and there's (ewww) kissing on TV.



(in alphabetical order)

Kelsey Berro Alexander
Briana Farrell Audrey
Gabriel Freed Albert
Valerie Granzo Shoe Seller
Ed Herman Dad/Dr. Fields
Adam Lanman Anthony
Molly Leger Becky
Daria Morra Paul
Michelle Morra Mrs. Dickens
Suzanne Ochs Mom
Amy Secunda Nick
Cailey Smith Philip

(all performances at 7 PM)

July 5

Battle Whitney Park
July 7 Druss Park  
July 8 Turnure Park
July 11 Gillie Park
July 14 Mattison Park
July 15 George Washington School

For directions to all the parks, please click here

This is a free performance, geared to families and children. The show (about one hour in length) involves music, sound, lights, costumes, scenery - everything we do in a theater, except that we perform under the sky, surrounded by trees! 
Come early and bring a picnic basket! 


Scroll mouse over photos for description

Production Staff: (Front l-r) Joan Charischak, Kelly Baker; (Back l-r) Nan Weiss, Emmy Schwartz, Anthony Fabrizio, Pam Baker, Jeanne DiCicco

Cast: (Front l-r) - Gabriel Freed, Amy Secunda, Kelsey Berro, Cailey Smith, Molly Leger, Briana Farrell; (Back l-r) - Valerie Granzo, Suzanne Ochs, Ed Herman, Adam Lanman, Daria Morra, Michelle Morra

Daria Morra: "I had a terrible, I had a horrible, I had a no good, I had a very bad day"

Mom and Dad (Suzanne Ochs & Ed Herman) prepare to start their day

Alexander (Kelsey Berro) drops his sweater in the sink (Valerie Granzo)

Alexander's brothers, Nick (Amy Secuda, left) and Anthony (Adam Lanman, right) play with their cereal prizes

Alexander gets smushed in the car pool; (front l-r) - Molly Leger, Suzanne Ochs; (Back l-r) - Briana Farrell, Kelsey Berro, Daria Morra

"At School, Mrs Dickens (Michelle Morra) liked Paul's (Daria Morra) picture of a sailboat better than my picture of an invisible castle"

Albert (Gabriel Freed, orange) and Philip (Cailey Smith, green) scare the girls (Molly Leger, blue and Briana Farrell, pink) with their rubber snakes

Alexander laments that everyone else got a desset, and his mother forgot. (l-r) - Molly Leger, Briana Farrell, Kelsey Berro

The boys hang out at recess (l-r) - Kelsey Berro, Daria Morra, Cailey Smith, Gabriel Freed

Dr. Fields (Ed Herman) inspects Anthony's (Adam Lanman) brushing  habits with the help of Valerie Granzo

Alexander (Kelsey Berro) doesn't have much luck at the dentist

Mom (Suzanne Ochs) scolds Alexander for fighting with his brothers (Adam Lanman, front, and Amy Secunda, center)

Alexander (Kelsey Berro) asks the shoe lady (Valerie Granzo) for advice

Valerie Granzo shows off her amazing collection of shoes

Alexander (Kelsey Berro) makes a mess of Dad's (Ed Herman) office
It's been a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day Alexander (Kelsey Berro) finds dad's cell phone with the help of the Okidoki 2000 (Daria Morra, Michelle Morra & Cailey Smith)
Dad (Ed Herman) warns Alexander (Kelsey Berro): "Please don't pick me up anymore" Alexander: "I hate my railroad train pajamas"

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