July 2008 

10th Annual Free Summer Theater in the Parks Production

On a golden afternoon, young Alice follows a White Rabbit, who
 disappears down a nearby rabbit hole.  Tumbling into the burrow after him, she
enters the topsy-turvy world of Wonderland where she meets the Mad
Hatter, the March Hare, the Caterpillar, and many other fantastic


All performances begin at 7pm  


July 7 Gillie Park - Gedway Way
July 8 Druss Park - So. Lexington Avenue
July 9 Turnure Park - So. Lake Street
July 10 Battle Hill Park - Battle Avenue
July 14 Mattison Park - Lyndon Street
July 15 George Washington School - Orchard St
July 16 Kittrell Park - Fisher Avenue
July 17 Gardella Park - Ferris Avenue



This is a free performance, geared to families and children. The show (about one hour in length) involves music, sound, lights, costumes, scenery - everything we do in a theater, except that we perform under the sky, surrounded by trees! 

in alphabetical order:
Pam Baker Knave of Hearts
Kathryn Browne Cheshire Cat
Monica Bueno Queen of Hearts
Dina Dessner Sister/March Hare
Nikita Francois Dormouse
Ed Herman Caterpillar/King of Hearts
Roxanne Seitz Mad Hatter
Allison Threadgold Alice
Kelly Wolfe White Rabbit

Performances Pictures




Special thanks to Michael Valentino and TMPG Media Innovation of White Plains 

for the wonderful voiceover