Spend the evening with the many faces of Fort Hill Players. 

Where can you see Cupid pitted against the singles scene, jaded angels unsure of their vocations, dances from far-flung locations and crystal balls in the most unusual of forms, all in the one place? On the Fort Hill Players' stage, of course, in a showcase presentation for two nights only - Friday and Saturday, January 28 & 29, 2005. A fun-filled night of laughter, suspense and a surprise or two.

From the Wings 2005 featured:

By Michael T. Folie
Directed by Allie Kaye

Mary: Allie Kaye
Frank: Kevin Rishel


Aia I Nu'uano Ko Lei
Kahiko (Traditional Hula)
Written by Malaea Boyd, 1861
Choreography: Olana Ai
Dancers: Joan Charischak, Shirline Ho
Ho'o pa'a (Chanter): Jean Allen


By Bill Jones
Directed by Brona Crehan and Dave Davitt
Peter Cranney: Dave Davitt
Melanie Cranney: Brona Crehan
Johnnie Cranney: Marc Austin
Wayne: Kelly Baker


A Evaristo Carriego
Composer: Osvaldo Pugliese
Choreography: Kana Kubota

Performers: Rob Clark and Linda Matthews

El Ezquinazo

Composer: Roberto Firpo
Choreography: Kana Kubota

Performers: Rob Clark and Linda Matthews


Lovers and Other Strangers (excerpt)
By Joseph Bologna & Renee Taylor
Directed by Jac-que Robinson

Mike: Kevin Rishel
Susan: Suzanne Ochs


St. Patrick's Day
Traditional Irish Set Dance

Music Performed by: Christopher McGrory & Orfhlaith Ni Bhriain 

Dancer: Nancy Kane


Night, Mother (excerpt)
By Marsha Norman
Directed by Jac-que Robinson

Thelma: Katrina Snyder
Jessie: Toni-Marie Farrell


Magnificent Obsession
By Dave Christner
Directed by Allie Kaye and Kelly Baker

Ariel: Kelly Baker
Rachel: Allie Kaye


Pua Hone, (A love song)
Auana (A modern hula)
Written by Dennis Kamakahi
Music performed by The Brothers Cazimero 
Choreography: Luana Haraguchi
Dancers: Jean Allen, Joan Charischak, Shirline Ho


Jack and Gill
By Brona Crehan
Directed by Maeve Price

Jack: Conor McManus
Gill: Maeve Price


Maireann croí éadrom i bhfad
(A light heart lives longest)
Irish Slip Jig
Music performed by Liam & Anthony Bradley
Choreography: Orfhlaith Ni Bhriain and Carol Leavy-Joyce
Dancer: Nancy Kane


A Memo from Jupiter
By Dennis Snee
Directed by Dirk Marks
Production Assistant: Suzanne Davis

Mars, God of War: Richard Molyneaux
Minerva, Goddess of Wisdom: Christine D'Amato
Venus, Goddess of Love and Beauty: Linda Hendrick
Jupiter, King of the Gods: Jim Brownold
Cupid, God of Love: Marc Austin
Joanie Rush: Mary O'Connor
Leslie: Emmy Schwartz
Maxine: Nan Weiss


Producer  Scott Faubel
Stage Manager  Suzanne Ochs
Lighting Design David Ullman
Lighting Technician Melissa Trinidad
Sound Technician  Mark D'Ambrosio
House Manager  Terry Hanson
Playbill  Kelly Baker
Publicity  Kelly Baker
Jim Brownold
Joan Charischak
Dirk Marks
Suzanne Ochs
Emmy Schwartz