Poignant, Profound, Mysterious, Funny!

Four original one act plays - four unique messages


Playwrights and Directors

Fort Hill Players has been exceptionally pleased to showcase

 An Evening of Original One Act Plays

Christopher Arena

Writer and Director: The Exorstentialist

Director: The Will



Bob Mulroy

Writer and Director: Set For Life



Dan Friedman

Writer: Been Too Long on Lonely Street



Csaba Teglas

Writer: The Will



Richard Zane Ross

Director: Been Too Long on Lonely Street




An Intellectual Matter of Small Consequence

Written and Directed by Christopher Arena

The spirit of Sigmund Freud has possessed the body of a young woman. A student of John-Paul Sartre is brought in to exorcise the spirit by convincing it that what it is doing is of no consequence. 

David Hartigan Pierre
Rebecca Judelson Joanna
Leon Cameron 3rd Actor



Written and Directed by Robert Mulroy

            A widow is visited by a ‘would-be’ contender for her inheritance.

Mary Mulroy Carol
Suzanne Ochs Kay



Written by Dan Friedman                 Directed by Richard Zane Ross

Two lonely people, a sweet prostitute and a mediocre Elvis impersonator, meet for a ‘business appointment,’ which takes some unusual turns that open the opportunity for an unlikely, but possible relationship. 

Debra Ablezer Roxanne
Peter Lillo Harry



Written by Csaba Teglas                    Directed by Christopher Arena

An old, nearly bedridden couple, tired of living a life burdened by constant aches and pains, is preparing for suicides that neither of them means to carry out. Funny, provocative and often fiery dialogue leads to an unexpected ending.

Camille Kaiser She
Michael Ferrara He