On Tuesday March 25, 2003, Fort Hill Players hosted the videotaping of a scene from "Money for Jam", a new play by Brona Crehan, which was aired on White Plains Cable Access' "Focus on the Arts".

Set in present day New York, the play focuses on two Irish cousins, Mollie and Annette, newly arrived in the US. They share an apartment with Nuala, a third Irish girl. Annette's the caretaker of all three and she keeps a stern eye on her lazy cousin Mollie, who has reasons of her own for making her sudden appearance in New York, and is in no hurry to find a job... 
Nuala's erratic behavior and personality in general cause concern and upset her brother Barry, who's lived in New York for some time. He's secretly in love with Annette, but she barely tolerates him or his friend Paul, who's an optimistic, but starving, actor with a string of auditions behind him.
The American next door neighbors - Randy, a painter, and Rhonda, an "artiste" of sorts - are invited to dinner one night but Annette's carefully planned party goes steadily downhill, topped off by the arrival of Michael, a blast from Nuala's past.   

The piece humorously accentuates the social and cultural differences between the Irish and their American counterparts. It's a story of miscommunication, misunderstanding and the chaos that ensues, as a carefully-planned social evening unravels (along with the solidarity among friends) pitching girlfriend against boyfriend, brother against sister, and guest against guest.

"Money for Jam" was directed by Donald Creedon and featured Joan Charischak, Brona Crehan, Dave Davitt, Conor McManus, Maeve Price, Larry Reina and Siobhan Ryan.

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