Rochambeau School

228 Fisher Ave

White Plains, NY

 Performance dates: March 13, 14, 20, 21 

Can a water-driven car be the answer to the gas crisis?  


BOX OFFICE: 914-309-7278



Innovation faces Corporate Greed & Betrayal.  Young inventor, Charles Lang, designs an engine that runs on water, but his attempts to patent the design are met with serious opposition. Suddenly, he is persued by several people pressuring him to sell. The challenge; Keep his design a secret, while still trying to get it patented. The audience watches as actors, announcer and sound effects man present this 1930’s Radio Play: set against the “Century of Progress” theme of the Chicago World’s Fair.   


Lisbeth Castelli, Joan Charischak, Phil Cutrone, Elizabeth Di Meo, Ed Herman,

Larry Reina, Michael Weissman, Stanley Wexler, Dennis Whetsel, Wendy Wyckoff